A few questions we've heard along the way!



Can we book you separately?

The answer is YES! We love weddings, and we love working together. But we do understand if you're wanting a different photographer and/or videographer. We're super easy going and relaxed, so don't feel bad when asking if you can hire just one of us. We still want to party and dance the night away with you and your lover!

How much deposit do you guys require?

For all bookings, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Do you include travel costs?

For weddings over 50 minutes of travel, we politely request to add on any travel fees. But don't fret, our travel costs try to be as minimal as possible. For weddings with over 3-hours of travel will require 2 nights accommodation for 3 people (ourselves and our assistant). We'd love to chat with you if you're having a wedding overseas, we try to everything as inexpensive & stress-free as possible for you & your fiancé.

Do you guys just do weddings?

Good question! And no, we love to try new things. If you ask us to photograph or film something that's not offered in our packages section, that's okay! We will most likely say yes to anything. So hit us up if you want to book us for something other than couple-stuff. We've worked in real-estate videos, portraits, family sessions, studio sessions, charity events, food, product/fashion, commercial work, we've done a variety of works!

How many images will we get?

That depends on the package, guests, hours we are hired for, etc. We can't give you an exact estimate with this question being so broad-based on different people's wedding so feel free to email us personally and we can give you a rough estimate.